Alpine Balsam (Boulder Community Hospital on Broadway) Redevelopment

A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for Boulder Citizens

At the heart of the City of Boulder lies the 9 acre Boulder Community Hospital site now called, "Alpine-Balsam". This was a bold purchase by the City of Boulder in December 2015 as the Alpine Balsam Task Force convened by Goose Creek CLT and others advocated. We are thrilled the City, with local and national consultants and with lots of citizen input created a good "Vision Plan" in June 2017.  

Sustainable, Affordable, Livable, Beautiful and well underway by 2021.

Now, after another two years, and another~ $10 M, it is time to move forward rapidly to rezone and, sell most of the site through an RFP that mandates a high social return of delightful public spaces, permanently affordable, mostly middle income for sale housing and offices (like the Alliance Center in Denver). Add teachers, first responders, other public employees and current in-commuters to increase quality of life and reduce traffic city-wide (~50,000 workers have to commute into the City adding to congestion). Two neighbors talk about the opportunities: Equity AND Sustainability!

Let's demonstrate little need for parking or fossil fuel vehicles with mostly shared vehicles. Let’s surround the buildings with beautiful, garden and art filled spaces so residents and neighbors alike experience the redevelopment as a wonderful amenity. Let's help it be a state of art green building complex inspired by the Living Building Challenge (see Bullitt Foundation office), LEED for Neighborhoods,  net zero energy communities and ecodistricts, anthroposophic buildings (eg ING Bank) and it's beautiful foot-of-the-Rockies setting. Let's explore “daylighting” Goose Creek down to Unity Church! Let's explore connecting it upstream via a beautiful pedestrian-bikeway through the proposed North St. Woonerf to the 311 Mapleton redevelopment and the Sanitas Open Space. Come join one of our walks around the area to learn together about how to do all this (see events)! Let’s reignite the American Dream for middle income workers in Boulder. Here is another community perspective on the project.


In May 2015, the hospital listed the Broadway hospital location for sale.  Goose Creek Neighborhoods then reached out to members of the community to form the BCH Task Force to engage the greater community and to explore ways to play a positive, proactive role in the redevelopment of the property.  This working group included City of Boulder residents, business owners, commercial property owners, former public office holders, and action-oriented community members. The city completed the purchase of the property in December 2015. 

Original BCH Task Force participants included:  Steve LeBlang, Will Toor, Richard Foy, Roger Lewis, Jim Robb, Brad Smith, Charlie Hager, Benita Duran, Michael McCrea, Pete Morton, Jerry Shapins and David Adamson of Goose Creek.


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