GOOSE CREEK COMMUNITY LAND TRUST | Board of Director Job Description 

Goose Creek has a working board which helps to fulfill the mission of the organization through work on the board and on the organization’s task forces.

Board members are drawn from among:

  1. Renters and homeowners participating in Goose Creek projects (at least one from each eg: BCH, North St. and later potentially scattered site projects)
  2. Neighbors of Goose Creek projects (at least 1 from each project).
  3. Former staff and elected officials of relevant City/County departments and bodies.
  4. Business and NGO leaders experienced with real estate development, finance, marketing, non profit organization management, architecture, landscape architecture, agriculture.
  5. Representatives of a diverse community we would like to see in projects: Latino, undergraduate-graduate student, African American, Native American, formerly homeless, parents of young children, those with disabilities, victims of domestic violence, work force members including teachers, policemen, firemen, artists, musicians….

Specifically board members:

  1. Contribute annually financially
  2. Commit to raise an amount annually from others
  3. Recruit volunteers and prospective board members
  4. Supervise the Executive Director
  5. Attend each board meeting, serve on board committees and usually serve on at least one project Task Force (eg Balsam2Alpine, North Street, Back Porch, Social-Education-Outreach) and participate in annual evaluation & planning efforts.
  6. Represent the organization to the public and help to raise its profile.
  7. Be well informed about the history of land trusts and of the organization and about current projects.
  8. Bring insights from personal and professional experience to the organization to improve its capabilities and performance.
  9. Get to know other members and build a collegial working relationship that contributes to good decisions.
  10. Provide a bio with photo describing their background and what they hope to achieve for the organization