Goose Creek Community Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt volunteer-led organization with a small staff.  

We need your financial support today to build and advocate for housing providing solutions throughout Boulder County to income inequality and climate change. Please send your check to Goose Creek Community Land Trust, 815 North St. Boulder CO 80304 or electronically here:


OR: Donate with your carbon footprint! You can donate electronically via our Earth Deeds L3C "Supporters of Goose Creek Community Land Trust "Team" page. There you can calculate the carbon footprint of your travel and home energy use (click on "onset now"; a short video there explains the difference between onsetting an offsetting). Then you can make a donation based on all or part of that footprint (a trip, or a year's worth of emissions) at the Federal 2016 "social cost of carbon" $43/metric ton of CO2. This way 90% is a tax deductible donation to Goose Creek and 10% pays bank fees and supports the work of Earth Deeds to help folks and companies all over the world "pay forward" their footprint to inspiring, innovative projects working to reduce carbon emissions and improve the Goose Creek Community Land Trust !