Internal-capacity building goals for 2017

 1. 8-15 Capable Participating Board Members

2.    2. 10-20 Volunteers for Projects

3.    3. Raise $100 k operating funds

4.    4. Raise $5 M investment fund

External-projects goals for 2017

1.    BCH: Achieve timely public agreement to build a significant amount (~300+units?) of permanently attainable mixed income housing with an alternative modes-based transportation plan and to consider a leading role for a community land trust among other non- profit housing organizations.

2.    North St. EcoDistrict: Develop a plan, with high local acceptance and financing in place, to build a model gentle infill win-win project: a beautiful, mixed income community linked to the City primarily by low carbon transportation demonstrating how to add diversity AND a higher quality of life for everyone: residents, neighbors and the City as a whole. Get City approval for the first project at 730/750 North St.

3.    Advocacy for Housing: Develop broad public support for a plan to follow up our brilliant, innovative Open Space success: invest now to steward our "working" or settled lands. Preserve our greatest asset: a diverse, innovative community. Make a substantial amount of all Boulder housing permanently attainable to 60-150% AMI by 2030. Achieve approval from Boulder County and city councils in the County of a “Innovate for Impact” initiative to build 200 units of housing experiments within 24 months with proposals from neighborhoods, business owners, and for-and non-profit housing developers to demonstrate the best ways forward.