1. Build organizational capacity

The Community Land Trust started in 2015, bootstrapped by David Adamson and a cadre of committed supporters. The following capacity goals will help us achieve the impact we want:

A.     Raise $125,000 in operating funds

B.     Add up to five new Board members with key skills and high engagement

2.  Initiate development projects

We have an immediate opportunity to develop a coop at 750 North Street. Our long-term goal is to support an “eco-district” model for North Street, with creative use of green spaces, energy efficiency, and alternative transportation. We’ll focus on North Street, create an investment fund for innovative development, and explore additional Boulder County opportunities as they arise:

A.     Begin construction of 750 North Street coop project

B.     Establish North Street neighborhood electric bike-car share program

C.     Establish Opportunity Investment Fund and obtain at least $500,000 in investments

D.    Explore additional opportunities, including 730 North Street.

3. Increase advocacy and impact

The City of Boulder has been discussing an initiative to try experimental approaches to housing. We also want to support affordable housing goals in the community discussion of the Alpine/Balsam Area Plan around the former Boulder Community Hospital site. Our goals:

A.     Achieve City blessing and support for the “Innovate for Impact” initiative to build 200 units of housing experiments within 24 months.

B.     Influence hospital redevelopment, build community engagement, and advocate to include substantial affordable housing, eco-district concepts, and a role for community land trusts.

Join us!

Be a part of the land trust movement. We are seeking volunteers, board members, donors and investors. Please contact David Adamson to discuss any of these opportunities.