2019 Goals

Mission: To ensure our land widely benefits generations of today and tomorrow, we create, preserve & advocate for housing and workplaces that are permanently attainable for a diversity of income levels.

How do we work: through positive, proactive civic engagement. We organize, educate and innovate.  We help citizens know each other, learn together and transform settled or “working” lands to embody our values of beauty, social justice, sustainability and community.

project as the first one or find coop buyer and start construction of a coop.

    • Establish Opportunity Investment Fund and obtain at least $250,000 in investments

    • Explore additional opportunities, especially in other cities in Boulder County and start at least two  (description, pro-forma, board approval, acquire or partner with property owner. Examples include ag. worker  housing in Boulder County, bike path community, creating a new mixed income private equity or rental coop in an existing building).

  • Education / Advocacy / Community Engagement

    • Address parking concerns and congestion challenges by supporting North Street neighborhood electric car share/bike share program.

    • Achieve City blessing and support for the “Innovate for Impact” initiative to build 200 units of housing experiments within 24 months with 750 North as first example.

    • Influence Alpine Balsam hospital redevelopment through Council and community engagement:

      • Private-Non Profit developers achieve development opportunity through an RFP 2019 and housing construction begins in 2020.

      • Successfully advocate for considerably more permanently affordable housing and office space than City plans to date

      • Propose an eco-district approach  including woonerfizing streets East (Balsam) and West (North and Alpine)

      • Achieve a role for our community land trust there

    • Help convene a “Live Where You Work” Campaign in 2019  to significantly increase work force housing throughout Boulder County and challenge the existing “barbell society” affordable housing model.

    • Help convene a “Walkable Community Dialogue” series of “aha” learning events throughout Boulder County to promote the benefits to all of compact development including health, municipal fiscal health, diversity, sustainability and beauty.


Be a part of the land trust movement. We are seeking volunteers, board members, donors and investors. Please contact David Adamson to discuss any of these opportunities.